Bold album proves high in variation

Ali Breland

Zeale’s third mixtape, Disasterkrft, is littered with an assortment of songs that run the gamut of what occurs within the hip-hop world. This time around, he has tightened things and set the bar even higher than in his previous installment, Haterz and Robotz.

Zeale opens with “Beam In,” a song that features him the beat from Asher Roth’s latest single, “G.R.I.N.D.” This song placement is perfect and gives listeners an introduction to his signature rapid-fire yet clean flow.

Zeale makes several bold movements within the mixtape, emulating the wispy, carefree style of Kid Cudi in several songs while adding his own approach with a bit of speed. The boldest statement on Disasterkrft, though, is Zeale’s politically charged track, “Monzter Hozpital,” in which he raps about governmental skepticism.

Ultimately, his risks pay off, creating one of Austin’s finest mixtapes. Even the songs that have a radio pop-rap feel are better than actual radio-rap songs. That, meshed with Zeale’s innovation and sheer talent, results in a mixtape that simultaneously unites hip-hop in every aspect and creates a distinct sound all its own.