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October 4, 2022

Diverse stories, humor offer twist on sports TV

Burnt out on your favorite sports team? Can’t bear to watch the Longhorns or Cowboys anymore?

While you may have to wait for another run to a championship next season, this season there are still tons of great sports to watch. Yes, all of the excitement on the field is great, but so is the other sports entertainment on the small screen.

A handful of sports TV shows are scattered through the airwaves and becoming popular amongst viewers.

These shows are mostly aimed at the 18- to 30-year-old male viewership — the beer-drinking, butt-scratching, fist-pounding dudes that will shape the future of America. This audience brings similar themes in many of these shows including raunchy humor, attractive women and, surprisingly, not much in the way of sports.

Some of these shows are funny, and some are serious. Some are dirty, some really dirty and others are flat out grotesque. Some are popular, and some you may have never heard of. But believe it or not, they are all entertaining.

“Friday Night Lights”

This is the best show that nobody watches. “Friday Night Lights” gets amazing reviews, but it struggles to gain the audience it deserves.

Entering its fifth and final season, the show takes you to the small fictional town of Dillon, Texas, where high school football is life. It originally aired on NBC but after poor ratings was forced to move to DirecTV’s 101 Network in the beginning of its third season in 2008. After each season is completely aired on DirecTV, it is then rebroadcast months later on NBC’s Friday night lineup.

FNL, as many choose to call it, is pretty much “The O.C.” with a little bit of football. The show has a little of everything — cute girls and football. But seriously, there are love stories, humor, drama, controversial issues such as abortion and race and some of the best characters who you just love to love and love to hate.

And if all that isn’t enough, it’s got the Texas pride that we all know so well.

“Eastbound and Down”

Kenny Powers is the most ridiculous character on TV. He is the most self-centered, arrogant person that the small screen has ever seen.

Powers, played by Danny McBride, is a combination of John Rocker, Terrell Owens and Ron Artest. In other words, he is a jerk. But he sure does know how to put on a show.

“Eastbound and Down” tells Powers’ story of trying to get back into baseball. In this season, the HBO series, which of course means a lot of beloved obscenities and nudity, Powers finds his way back into the game, but in Mexico, which of course means constant racist jokes.

“The League”

“The League” is a show about five 30-something-year-old friends who compete in a fantasy football league. These immature drinking buddies will do whatever they can to reign supreme in “The League.”

In its second season on FX, the show features lots of slapstick jokes that we all love so much. “The League” is full of grown men, some with wives and children, acting like kids.
The show is a little random, and yes, it is stupid. But who cares? It’s fun, entertaining and relatable for many people who take part in fantasy football.

“Blue Mountain State”

It’s difficult to understand how Spike TV gets away with putting “Blue Mountain State” on basic cable.

It’s a frat party on steroids. Let’s just say that the opening credits show bras being unhooked, two girls making out and the butt crack of a giant offensive lineman sitting on the bench.

This is the show that makes older generations wonder what in the world is wrong with our generation. Its TV-MA rating is a little misleading, as you need to be pretty immature to actually watch this garbage.

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Diverse stories, humor offer twist on sports TV