UT System opens applications seeking sixth Student Regent

Collin Eaton

The UT System is accepting applications for its sixth Student Regent, a non-voting member of the Board of Regents whose primary duty will be to act as a communicator between students and the board.

Student Regents are expected to read 300 pages of agenda material before attending Board of Regents meetings, go through eight hours of training on UT System issues and disclose their personal finances to the Texas Ethics Commission. Each Student Regent is appointed by the Governor of Texas after going through a process that involves Student Government, said UT System spokesman Matt Flores.

“First, Student Government submits its list of recommendations to the Chancellor [of the UT System,]” Flores said. “From among those, the Chancellor can whittle down to as few as two, but the Governor doesn’t have to choose from among those two.”

The term for the current Student Regent, Kyle Kalkwarf, ends on May 11, 2011. The job of student regent also entails going to each campus, speaking with student leaders and relaying the information back to the Board of Regents.