2010 Texas gubernatorial election results by county

Ryan Murphy

Editor's Note: All precincts have reported their vote tallies. This data can be considered "final." – 11/3 11:45 a.m.

Governor Rick Perry extended his record setting control of the governor's mansion to an unprecedented third four-year term by defeating Bill White in an election that appeared to be a lot closer than it panned out to be.

As expected, White was able to claim the heavily populated metro areas of Dallas and Travis County in addition to many of the southern Texan counties, but it was not enough to overcome Perry's heavy support throughout the rest of the state.

Below you will find an embedded Google Map that outlines each one of Texas' 254 counties and shades them in based on which candidate acquired the most votes in that area (red for Perry, blue for White; Kathie Glass and Deb Shafto both failed to claim a single county). Click on a county for detailed information on how the votes played out.

Map not loading for you? It can also be found here. Click on "Visualize" and then "Map" to view.