Texas’ rough season not easy for fans to witness

Dan Hurwitz

Some teams make scoring points look too easy. It’s contagious. They can’t stop.

Texas is not one of these teams. For the Longhorns, getting touchdowns is like pulling teeth. And as difficult as it is for them to score touchdowns, it is just as difficult for fans to watch them try.

Football is usually fun and entertaining to watch, but when it comes to watching the Longhorns, it is the exact opposite. It is painful. It hurts the eyes.

It is handoff after handoff being stopped for little to no yards. And then, before you know it, it’s third-and-long ­— a perfect time to change the channel or if you are at the game, go to the bathroom, get a corndog or even head back to your tailgate and snag a couple beers.

It is understandable that fans don’t want to watch this team. Many aren’t. Many who choose to come or watch the game on TV do it for the sole purpose of booing and being negative Nancies.

Some bring signs (including the one that accompanies this column) showing their disgust. The sign, which real fans were holding last week against Baylor, reflects dissatisfaction with offensive coordinator Greg Davis.

A few are staying until the end, and head coach Mack Brown is hoping that they continue to show up and support the Longhorns.

“I know it’s hard to do when we’re not playing very well,” Brown said. “It’s unusual. I ask you to do that for the next four weeks for these kids. They are trying. The coaches are trying. I appreciated you hanging in there and helping us as much as you could.”

Things sure do change quickly. A year ago, vacations were already being planned to Pasadena a month before it was certain Texas was going to the National Championship. Now, it is unclear if the Longhorns will even make a bowl. Who would have thought? If they do, the destination won’t be as nice as Pasadena. A return trip to Houston is possible in the Texas Bowl. Or the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio could be nice. El Paso’s Sun Bowl may be a bit of a reach. Last year, a five-loss Oklahoma team was in the Sun Bowl­­. This year’s Texas team is being compared to those Sooners. But they are far from it.

The Sooners’ struggles all came on the road and happened largely because of multiple major injuries including Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford. The Sooners lost to good teams on the road last season. And we all laughed.

Now it’s their turn. You can see the smiles and hear the laughter of Sooners all the way from Norman.

Maybe it’s all a nightmare. Maybe that alarm is about to go off and all of a sudden everything will be better. If so, don’t hit the snooze.