Influential alumni to be added to business school Hall of Fame

Allie Kolechta

The Red McCombs School of Business will induct three alumni into its Hall of Fame on Friday.

The three inductees, John W. Carpenter III, Gary Kusin and Corbin J. Robertson Jr., were chosen from a series of nominees based on a number of criteria. They evaluated creativity, contribution to social causes and a positive overall citizenship role, said Dave Wenger, director of the McCombs School of Business.

“We look for people who are the best of the best, who represent business in its highest form where it’s contributing more than just to the bottom line,” he said.

All three inductees attended McCombs and have been long-standing contributors to the school through serving on committees such as the advisory and chancellor’s councils, he said. They have all held multiple levels of engagement in the school and in the business community, he said.

“Leadership development is a key initiative — perhaps the No. 1 initiative at McCombs,” he said. “That means so much more than just gaining insight into a business career, it means adding value to the community.”

Carpenter, Kusin and Robertson are all long-time supporters who have demonstrated contribution to social causes and are examples for current business students, he said.