Bookstore to open inside Dobie Mall, offer rental option

Allison Kroll

Students will have a new alternative for textbook rentals and purchases starting next week.

BookHolders, a 10,592-square-foot store, is set to open Nov. 29 in Dobie Mall.

The BookHolders on campus is the first Texas store of the Maryland-based chain. In addition to two Maryland locations, BookHolders has two locations in Virginia and one in West Virginia and Florida.

BookHolders Marketing Manager Ryna Luckert said the choice to bring the store to Texas is based on the UT community and proximity to students.
“The UT community is great,” Luckert said. “We really liked the area and we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity.”

Travis Watkins, Dobie Mall leasing agent and 2003 UT graduate, said he enjoys working with Dobie Mall’s location because of his familiarity with the campus and customer base. He said the new store will be convenient for both the company and students.

“Its proximity to campus and students will be a huge benefit to the customers,” Watkins said. “We’re one of the only retail centers on the Drag that has a parking garage to accommodate students who live off-campus or are buying a lot of books.”

BookHolders will offer free deliveries to local areas during buy periods, online price comparisons, no late fees for rented textbooks and options for students to receive cash in hand when they return books.

The store is also accepting applications and is a source for student jobs with flexible hours, Luckert said.

Students can participate in an Advantage Program, where BookHolders acts as a service to sell books for the student, and the student has the option to receive a check when the book is sold, Luckert said.

“It’s very easy and convenient, and students can be very proactive with what they do with the book,” he said. “They’re very much in control of their book’s destiny so they get the optimal amount of money back.”

History freshman Harrison Dromgoole said the options for students to save money and receive textbooks in a timely manner convinced him to visit the store when it opens next week.

“BookHolders sounds like they’re doing what they can to help students with the costs of college,” Dromgoole said. “Dobie Mall has a lot of stores in it already; a bookstore would just make it even more convenient.”