Texas 4000 attempts to break records

Allie Kolechta

A group of more than 50 students who bike 4,600 miles from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska, every summer broke a record for the Livestrong Young Adult Alliance’s Break Cancer initiative, said advertising senior Adam Laurenzo, copresident of Texas 4000.

More than 50 members punched balloons, which symbolized cancer, in the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Building on Dean Keeton Street.

Laurenzo said Monday’s event was not the group’s first time participating in the initiative.

“Our last one was ‘Longest Congo Line of Mustache-Wearing People,’” he said. “People come up with crazy stuff.”

The trek from Austin to Anchorage is the world’s longest annual charity bicycle ride, consisting only of UT students. Since the group’s first ride in 2004, it has raised almost $3 million to support cancer research, he said.

“The Beat Cancer initiative creates awareness through breaking records,“ he said. “Hopefully this will help draw the public eye and get us more support.”