News Briefly

Matthew Stottlemyre

A plastic bottle likely exploded Tuesday afternoon on the South Mall near Homer Rainey Hall on the southwest side of the Six Pack, said a University Operations spokeswoman.

Cindy Posey said someone reported a loud noise coming from the South Mall on Tuesday afternoon. She said the UT Police Department and Environmental Health and Safety are currently investigating a water bottle recovered from the area to determine its contents and confirm if it caused the explosion. Both groups are also working to determine who placed the bottle there, she said.

The explosion caused no injuries, Posey said.

The investigation is still under way, and no determination has been made on whether the bottle was intended as a prank. Posey said UT police and University officials hope students and others realize the potential for harm with this type of explosive.

“The University would like to emphasize that these devices are very dangerous,” Posey said. “It could actually hurt somebody. It’s not just a funny joke.”

She said if anyone sees a suspicious bottle, they should not touch it, back away and call the police immediately.