Walking in a knitted wonderland

The trees outside the Blanton Museum of Art got yarn bombed during the weekend.

Local knitter Magda Sayeg teamed up with the Knotty Knitters club and other Austin knitters to transform the courtyard into an explosion of wool and color.

Yarn bombing, also known as knitter bombing and yarn graffiti, describes the tagging of yarn art in public spaces. Started a few years ago as an underground movement in the U.S., knitting graffiti has made its way to other parts of the world.

Artists, who are sometimes anonymous, knit patterned sleeves and cosies before secretly stitching them onto objects. The colorful, woolen creations have been spotted on lampposts, buses, fences, street signs and abandoned cars.

Sayeg has often been credited as the original yarn graffiti artist. Before Blanton, her previous tag was seen on North Lamar Boulevard last year.
“In this world of technology, overdevelopment, fewer trees and more concrete, it is empowering to be able to beautify your environment,” Sayeg said in an October article of the Guardian.