Influx of car thefts prompts extra warnings from UTPD

Allie Kolechta

A string of car burglaries caused University police to warn all students who park on campus to hide everything in their vehicles, including GPS docks and power cords.

Since Feb. 25, 59 burglaries have occurred in parking lots near the baseball and softball fields, including Brazos and Trinity parking garages. Wallets, GPS tracking systems, stereos and other possessions have been stolen. The UT Police Department could not comment on possible suspects, said UTPD officer Darrell Halstead.

“They’re taking basically anything that’s being left inside the car,” he said.

The car burglaries began about two weeks before spring break and are continuing in the parking garages, Halstead said. The number of burglaries has decreased since they began in February, but police still warn students to remove all valuables from their vehicles because everything is at risk of being stolen, he said.

“Don’t leave anything inside the car,” he said. “Hide everything, including power cords, GPS tracking mounts and spare change.”