Tennis team looks forward to Big 12 Championship

Alex Endress

The 25th-ranked Longhorns begin their campaign for a Big 12 championship on Friday at the Baylor Tennis Center in Waco.

Texas earned a No. 2 seed in the bracket with a 9-2 conference record and will have a bye round tomorrow, automatically advancing the Longhorns to the quarterfinals. They will face off against either Kansas State or Kansas in their first match on Friday.

“We’re very excited to go to the Big 12 championships. We’re looking forward to the competition,” said Texas head coach Patty Fendick-McCain. “We’ve spent so much time in Waco this year that it feels like a second home to us at this point.”

Texas looks to be in good shape against either Kansas State or Kansas. The Longhorns trounced Kansas State 5-2 in their last meeting on March 25 in Manhattan, Kan. They also beat Kansas 6-0 in their last battle, which was on March 26 in Lawrence.

“The girls are in form,” Fendick-McCain said. “They have been working hard. We had last weekend off from dual matches, so we’re pretty rested and ready to go.”

Several other highly ranked teams in the bracket include No. 22 Oklahoma and No. 7 Baylor. If the Longhorns advance, these two teams would be likely opponents.