Blanton exhibit provides multiple perspectives on art based on lines

Andrew Torrey

“Line”, the new exhibit at the Blanton Museum of Art, explores the ability to express ideas in an abstract fashion while only using one of the simplest artistic elements: the line.

The exhibit as a whole displays the translation of various themes through one limited element. The mediums ranged from a copper wire tangled into a ball, entitled “Autumn Cumulus” by Alan Saret, to Disney coloring-book pages used in “Night Before Last” by Arturo Herrera. The coloring-book pages analyzed the relationship between efficiency and expressiveness.

The exhibit contains pieces made by artists of different backgrounds and nationalities.

“We decided to look at how a group of artists […] each used a basic element in a profoundly different way,” said the show’s curator Risa Puleo, an art and art history lecturer.