Student Government allocates funds to organizations

Victoria Pagan

Fourteen student organizations competed against each other last month for funds from the new Student Government summer finance committee.

Student Government officials allocated $4225 overall to 14 student organizations June 10 in various increments based on how much the organizations were asking for, what they planned to use it for and how the summer finance committee felt the money should be spent said Taylor Pousson, SG associate director for appropriations.

“We tell them on the application that there are certain things Student Government can not fund such as food and drinks,” Pousson said. “They list their top three preferences of what they want to spend the money on, and we decide from there.”

Pousson said in most cases, organizations received funding for all three of their listed projects instead of only one reason such as in the past. He said in order for the organizations to receive the funds they were interviewed by SG officials.

Student Government internal financial director Ilse Quijano said after organizations were notified that they would receive SG funding they attended a mandatory workshop to show them how to spend it. She said they must also go through an accounting clerk in the Office of the Dean of Students in order to spend any money.

Quijano said the fourteen organizations that applied for the money requested a total of $8646.42. She said the SG executive board submits a suggested amount for allocation to the summer finance committee, and after comparing the two numbers, the committee decided to allocate $4225.

“The Hispanic Student Association requested money for a diabetes awareness week, and they received $550,” Quijano said. “They will be spending that money on flyers, pedometers and glucose checkers. Another organization who received our funding was the African American Affairs Organizations that received funding for their annual meet-and-greet retreat with freshmen and transfer students.”

Printed on 06/30/2011 as: Student clubs vie for funds of SG board