‘Bonfire’ offers eclectic mix that defies genre

Christopher Nguyen

My M.O.’s album, Bonfire, lives up to the band’s name and features a mix of music that seems to please them. With the band members hailing from all across the world (Texas, Australia and Jamaica), they bring together the sounds of their respective countries and ignore any sense of genre boundaries.

The album begins with the calm “Mulholland Drive.” The vocals harmonize and lead singer Erika Buestami mutters into an infectious haze. The single “Bonfire Man” is a catchy tune under a smooth melody that goes down like a good drink. The song also features lyrics bound to puzzle (“Excuse me, are you Mexican?”).

Later in the album, “Love Me Down” takes the traditional bedroom torch song and turns it into something funkier. On it, Buestami effortlessly moves from singing seductively to lovingly rapping. My M.O. also nods to Vanity 6-influenced ’80s music on “All for Love (Living it Up)” with its blipping and dramatic electronics and monotone harmonies.

My M.O. proves that if you follow your modus operandi, then you’ll get something as assured and well-made as Bonfire is.

02 Bonfire Man by My M.O.