Psychics fail to adequately demonstrate ability

The Aug. 1 article about Joe Nicols and his battling stereotypes of paranormalists was a fascinating delve into a fantasy world that seems out of place at an institution of learning. Rather than running counter to the stereotype of paranormal performance artists, Nicols seems to be a paragon of this illogical system of unsupported magical thinking.

While many psychologists and professional magicians would readily recognize what Nicols does as either conscious fraud or unconscious self-delusion, no one would be able to show any connection with what he claims he is doing and anything that we know about how the world works.

Many psychics or dowsers or whatever may be sincere in their beliefs that they have discovered some pathway to hidden knowledge, but beyond making good guesses about what will impress their clients, they have always failed controlled tests of their abilities.

— Steve Bratteng UT alumnus