‘Skying’ recalls ’80s college rock with modern touches

Chris Nguyen

The Horrors’ third album, Skying, is a move away from their previous albums, but it’s a leap backward into the sounds of ’80s college rock when The Jesus and Mary Chain and Echo & The Bunnymen ruled campus airwaves. But rather than feeling derivative, The Horrors inhabit the sounds and make them their own.

Throughout Skying, the band shows a knack for catchy pop melodies while layering an abundance of different sounds on top that blend easily. On “I Can See Through You,” the stomping beat soars on twinkling synths before the guitars begin to shred.

Moreover, on “You Said,” the closet thing to a ballad on the album, the instruments echo and reverberate as lead singer Faris Badwan aches in his rough, forlorn vocals, “You’ve got to give me love/You’ve got to give me more.”

The eight-minute epic “Moving Further Away” has an infectious melody led by the drums as guitars shred in and out and loud cracks of noise filter through. The song never wanders away from their control and proves they have a knack for blending disparate sounds together even at their messiest.

While The Horrors’ name may frighten others away with thoughts of dark, heavy cacophony, the band is anything but and instead makes music that becomes an addictive, alluring haze.