Longhorn name game: learn ‘em

Trey Scott

By now, after sifting through this first edition of Double Coverage, you’ve come across a lot of names. Running backs and receivers, linebackers and quarterbacks, offensive tackles and defensive tackles.

Don’t know all of them? Any of them? That’s not surprising — there has been a lot of roster turnover the past few seasons. So consider this your pre-test. I’ll have no pity for you if your next attempt at a Texas football conversation crashes and burns because you mangle and jangle every name on the roster.

Football is big around here, if you didn’t know. Get to know these guys.

Start with the quarterbacks. Any conversation about this team in flux begins with an argument about who should start under center (the center, by the way, is Dominic Espinosa). Learn the names Garrett Gilbert, Case McCoy, Connor Wood and David Ash. If that McCoy gentleman sounds familiar, you bet your ass it’s familiar because he’s Colt’s little bro.

Some Tier 1 names to absolutely remember

Keenan Robinson, Kheeston Randall, Blake Gideon, Emmanuel Acho and Fozzy Whittaker. They’re all seniors and they’ll all start. If you want to get cute with it, Fozzy’s real name is Foswhitt Whittaker — a combination of his father’s first name, Foster, and his last name. Don’t go into battle without knowing those five.

Players on the verge of stardom: If you care, you’ll remember these guys too.

Alex Okafor might notch double-digit sacks. Mike Davis could catch five touchdowns. At 215 lbs and carved like a statue, Kenny Vaccaro could very well knock somebody’s head off. Jordan Hicks and Jackson Jeffcoat, the top two recruits in the 2010 recruiting class, both have something to prove. Might as well remember Carrington Byndom and Adrian Phillips — they’ll be starting at cornerback for maybe three years — and go ahead and get to know Cody Johnson, he’ll be scoring a ton of touchdowns.

The Fish

Because only true die-hards are dialed into recruiting, there are plenty of unknown freshmen on campus. Pull out a note card and jot down the names Joe Bergeron, Desmond Jackson, Miles Onyegbule and Steve Edmond. Stick it in your back pocket and pull it out mid-season.

Just make sure to remember these guys from the start: Quandre (The Giant) Diggs could very well become your favorite player. Don’t know Jaxon Shipley? Your girlfriend’s already trying to get his number. Hopefully you’ve heard of Malcolm Brown — his name’s going to be the most famous of all of these pretty soon.