Some Texas football game etiquette tips

Nick Cremona

The Longhorns were able to handle Rice on the field Saturday, but there were still some glaring issues among the 101,000 fans that need to be ironed out before Texas takes on BYU this week. Here are some tips on proper game etiquette that will enhance your overall game day experience.

First things first: Unless you’re in a fraternity or are shoveling dung from Bevo’s personal lounge in the end zone, you don’t need to be wearing jeans to a game in September. The Rice game wasn’t moved from six to seven to accommodate fans who wanted to rock jeans and sweaters. As much as I want to break out my long johns and North Face, it’s just not that time of year yet. It should go without saying that shorts and a T-shirt or polo will suffice for male game day attire. On a side note, don’t EVER wear another school’s hat or shirt to a Texas game. It really doesn’t make sense to see LSU or any other gear at a Longhorn game — just don’t do it, bro.

Girls, you look good — keep it up.

The guy in jeans and wool sweater threw me off a bit, but I was actually shocked when I saw one person smoking a cigarette only feet away from me. The notice about not smoking that flashed on the 300-foot-tall video board minutes before should do enough to remind people to not smoke in the stands, and that outdoor smoking areas are made available. I was able to catch his attention and motioned to the cigarette in his mouth — only to be asked if I wanted one ,too, to which I politely declined. If it were a cigar and a nice glass of bourbon, we could have negotiated something, but once again the stadium is not your personal ashtray. The football game may not quell some people’s desire to have a smoke, but at least go to the designated areas if you must.

The last thing that I noticed from the Rice game is something that has been going on for quite some time, and it needs to be put to an end now. When “The Eyes of Texas” is being played at the end of the game, your outstretched arm should remain still until “Gabriel blows his horn” and not a moment sooner. Some people get it, mostly upperclassmen. It’s a school tradition and should be taken seriously. Not Texas A&M serious, but have some pride and do it the right way. Sure, there are things more important than a song and what you’re doing with your arm while it’s playing, but it’s been around since 1903 and we should all do it right.

Overall, the crowd was great for the first game of the season. As the season wears on, people will catch on that smoking around 101,000 other fans is not the most widely accepted activity at a game and subsequently kick the habit. Once Texas’ version of winter hits town, we will all be able to wear nice sweaters that may or may not have been gifts from Grandma, and by the end of the year everyone will be singing “The Eyes of Texas” the right way.

Printed on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 as: Texas fans read up: a guide for proper fan etiquette in DKR.