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October 4, 2022

UT, A&M fans both agonize over network’s role in change

We already know Texas A&M, soon to be the newest member of the Southeastern Conference, doesn’t like the Longhorn Network.

Judging by some recent comments on our website, it looks like Texas fans are getting fed up as well:

“This has really gone too far!! Our family has been a ‘Horn’s backer for years … this network thing is one step too many in UT’s arrogance, especially after last year.” — comment from DCE.

“Goodwill to the Longhorns has been lost, fan for 50 years and this is the thanks I get! Good, bad, ugly, I’ve been behind them … and now that maroon team (can’t say the name) our longest rivalry is gone … thanks LONGHORN NETWORK, UT, MACK BROWN, AND ESPN.” — comment from ‘lnghrntchr”

“Got to be one of the most unabashed examples of mismanagement and financial greed we’ve seen in a while. Too bad The University stands by and allows it.” — comment from Prospector.

While none of these folks chose to reveal their real names (give it up, lnghrntchr) they had no problem expressing their sudden disgust for the network that is the driving force behind the sudden instability of college football.

“Some of us don’t want it anymore. LHN has already cost [the] Longhorns in lost goodwill, stability and a conference rival.” — comment from RN.

Brace yourself for more, RN. There is talk that super conferences could align and that Texas’ arch nemesis Oklahoma could be jumping to the Pac-12. If the Longhorns don’t follow suit, it’s entirely possible that the Red River Rivalry, perhaps the finest game in college football, could end.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to keep the OU-Texas game if we do move out of a conference with Texas,” Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops said Tuesday. “I know no one wants to hear that, but things change.”

Once again, all this realignment talk was sparked by Texas A&M’s desire to leave the Big 12 and join the Southeastern Conference, which, as you all know, was because of apprehension over the unjust Longhorn Network.

The Aggies don’t want to be in the Texas’ conference anymore. Neither does Nebraska, who left for the Big 10 last summer. Now it looks like the Sooners don’t care about sharing a league with the Longhorns, either.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” Stoops said.

What’s sadly ironic is that hardly anybody can even watch the damn thing that started all this mess.

“LHN is like dark matter. We know it is out there but nobody can see it! I am very, very disappointed.” — comment from Stevesiemer.

“I live in Oregon. I have waited nine months, salivating for the season to begin and am left out in the cold. No way to receive the [Rice] game. S—.” — comment from bisalazar.

“I live in Minnesota so I can’t even listen on the radio. I would pay anything to see the games. If it weren’t for updates on my Sprint phone, I’d totally be in the dark all season.” — comment from Patikivi.

You think these are bad? Wait ‘til you see comments from people who aren’t Texas fans!

“Let me understand, this is a government-sponsored school that wants to [screw] the fans. Go anyone else. Houston [Cougars] looked good [Saturday]. Burn the Burnt Orange” — Geomark33.

All interesting points. But does anybody sum up the Longhorn Network better than commenter Rsf?

“If last season’s 5-7 season [didn’t do] enough to disenchant fans, this sure will.”

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UT, A&M fans both agonize over network’s role in change