You pick this week’s winning college football teams

Sameer Bhuchar

Hello Double Coverage readers!

As many of you have seen, the Double Coverage staff likes to test our football knowledge against each other by setting up a pool of staff picks. We take ten of the week’s best games and try to guess which team will get the W.

For the first time ever, we want to let you have shot. Each Thursday, you can comment who you think will win the same games the staff bets on. Whichever one of you gets the most picks out of 10 correctly, will get their picture in Double Coverage the following week. Think of it as your own little trophy!

Below are the ten games the staff elected to consider. Good luck, and don’t forget to snag your own copy Double Coverage every Friday with the Daily Texan.

This week's games:

Texas vs BYU
South Carolina vs Georgia
Oregon State at Wisconsin
Alabama vs Penn State
TCU vs Air Force
Nevada vs Oregon (potential buster!)
Notre Dame at Michigan
Utah vs USC
Oklahoma State vs Arizona (they play tomorrow, so pick it tonight)
California vs Colorado