Man attempts assault, flees Texas State campus

Jillian Bliss

Campus construction workers involved in a scuffle at Texas State University caused alarm on the San Marcos campus Thursday morning.

Texas State University Police said 29-year-old Aleczandar Yorick Lovern fled the campus after attempting to assault another construction worker with an 8 to 10-inch knife.

Students and administrators near the North Campus Residence Hall construction site who saw the suspect fleeing the scene described him as a six-foot, approximately 160-pound white male with short hair.

Police said no one was harmed in the incident but continued to search for Lovern after he fled campus. Lovern was located in San Antonio on Thursday afternoon and made arrangements to turn himself over to police.

“We do not believe he was trying to hurt anybody, he was just trying to leave campus,” said Mark Hendricks, director of Texas State University News Service. “Since my time at Texas State, I don’t recall any assaults of this type.”

Texas State Police began sending alerts to students, faculty and staff via text message, email and a marquee system displayed in campus classrooms at approximately 11:27 a.m. and continued until the state of emergency ended at around 2:30 p.m.

Texas State psychology sophomore Amber West said she was in class when her teacher noticed the alert appear on the marquee mounted in the back of the room. West said she did not feel extremely frightened and class continued as usual.

“It didn’t scare me as much as it would if he had a gun,” West said. “In high school when we had bomb threats, they took way more precaution than they did with this situation.”

West said she received several text message alerts from Texas State Police regarding the suspect.

“I think they [the text messages] are annoying, but I would rather be notified 20 times than be blindsided by things that I wasn’t expecting,” West added.

UT government freshman Brenda Aguilar said she has a cousin attending Texas State and was very worried about her when she learned of the suspicious incident.

“It is scary to think that my cousin along with many other students were in danger,” Aguilar said. “It also makes you wonder if you are ever going to be in a situation like that. I think all students should at least be mentally prepared if they ever encounter something like what happened at Texas State.”