You pick

Sameer Bhuchar

Double Coverage readers,

I would like to first congratulate all who participated in last week’s “Fan Pick ‘Em” contest.

Everyone did exceptionally well, with many respondents going 9-1. However there was a lone contender, Mike Gutierrez, who correctly picked all ten winners. Mike’s picture and bio will be published in this week’s Double Coverage, and yours can be in future papers as long as you keep competing in our weekly pool. So to immortalize yourself forever as a “Fan Pick ‘Em” champion, submit your picks in the comment section below. Polls close at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Once again, congratulations to Mike for being the contest’s first ever winner, and good luck to all who participate this week. Don’t forget to pick up your issue of Double Coverage, along with The Daily Texan every Friday!

No. 23 Texas @ UCLA
No. 3 LSU @ No. 25 Miss State
Tennessee @ No. 16 Florida
No. 15 Michigan State @ Notre Dame
No. 21 Auburn @ Clemson
No. 1 Oklahoma @ No. 5 Florida State
No. 6 Stanford @ Arizona
No. 17 Ohio State @ Miami
No. 18 West Virgina @ Maryland
UT-San Antonio @ Southern Utah