‘Study in the States’ aid in international students’ success

Brianna Pelayo

Study in the States,’a new website for international students, provides step-by-step resources to help students wanting to continue their studies in the United States.

According to the Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano, the website will help ensure the international student population is clearly informed about student visa rules and regulations. It will also enhance coordination among the various federal agencies that play a role in implementing student visa and exchange visitor programs.

Study in the States is dedicated to helping the “best and the brightest” students from around the world go through an easier process in becoming a student in the United States.

According to the Division of Housing and Food Services website, Study in the States launched Friday to enhance the nation’s economic, scientific and technological competitiveness by finding new ways to encourage the most academically talented international students to stay in the United States.

The University currently has approximately 4,760 international students from 120 countries and is sixth in the nation in the number of international students, said international student advisor Tatiana Woldman.

International students complete the same admission procedure as regular students, but once admitted to a college they have to go through a grueling paperwork process in order to enter the country, Woldman said.

“They apply, they are accepted, and once they have been accepted, this is where the really hard stuff begins,” Woldman said. “They have to show us proof of funding, showing that they have sufficient funds to study at the University of Texas. They then receive an immigration document from our office, and with that document they go to apply for a student visa. Once they have their visa they arrive here.”

The new website provides detailed instructions about how to obtain all the necessary documents. This is to ensure that students have minimal problems in going through the process of attending college in the United States. 

Printed on September 20, 2011 as: Website lends information, helps international students