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October 4, 2022

September 28th Shooting Twitter Coverage

The following tweets serve as an exact timeline for The Daily Texan's coverage of the 72 hours immediately following the September 28, 2010, campus shooting. Due to the high amounts of traffic the website was receiving, all of our immediate coverage of the situation was distributed via Twitter, until the website resumed functioning later that evening.


thedailytexan: RT @statesman Just in: We are getting reports of an "active shooter" on the UT campus. More to come. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @statesman: APD chief Art Acevedo: 1 person dead on campus of self-inflicted shot. Police searching for another suspect. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: UT: One suspected shooter at the PCL Library is dead. Police still looking for potential second shooter. Do not leave your building. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: The Daily Texan web site is down, for official information directly from UT, visit 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Have pictures from the scene on campus? send them to @thedailytexan: and we will retweet. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: Second UT armed suspect is still at large, officials now say. First one killed himself in the library. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: A reminder: for official info from UT, visit will continue to report. Lock doors and stay inside. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Update: APD just sent a SWAT team to the six pack to apprehend a second suspect. (via @ndhapple) 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @foxaustin: DPS, APD and other authorities on scene at UT helping with the shooting situation. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Rhonda Weldon confirmed first shooter committed suicide on the 6th floor of the PCL, and it is confirmed that there is another shooter. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @foxaustin: We're hearing reports that authorities are searching the Calhoun building with K-9 unit. #UTshooting 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @statesman: More photos added to our gallery, including SWAT tank arriving on campus: 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Were you a witness to the shootings fired on the UT campus today? Have photos? Please DM, @ us or email [email protected] 28 Sep

thedailytexan: The university is now CLOSED. Do NOT come to campus. If you are on campus, go inside and lock the doors. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Don Hale: They’re continuing to investigate. The suspect is dead, it’s a self-inflicted wound. There may be a second unarmed suspect. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: VP of Public Affairs Don Hale: If there is a second suspect, we believe he is unarmed. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: caravan of 12 vehicles, SWAT, tanks, head down 24th toward Speedway #UTshooter 28 Sep

thedailytexan: All classes have been canceled today. The university is CLOSED. Do not come to campus. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @statesman: RT @alexdfranco: Austin Police Chief Acevedo gives an update w/ JB & Sandy Morning Show in Austin: 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @Gerald_Rich: rueben cordoba, eyewitness says shooter was tall, had white hands, wearing a ski mask, carrying an ak-47 (cont) 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @Gerald_Rich: (cont) fired three shots in direction of the university catholic center and three in the south mall direction. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @Gerald_Rich: rhonda williams, director of utpd communications: "the shooter was male." 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Pictures from the UT shooting incident photog Derek Stout) 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @statesman: 'More Guns, Less Crime' author planned to speak at UT today: 28 Sep

thedailytexan: For official info from UT, visit university is CLOSED. Do not come to campus. All classes canceled. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: More photos: Soldiers enter Calhoun wait inside Benedict Kalifa) 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @keyetv: Officials about to give statement on shooting watch live here. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: Evacuating North campus in hopes to open half of campus in the next few hours. South campus asked to stay inside. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: Welch Hall evacuated by SWAT team for full search. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: @euvelabFrom what we understand they are clearing buildings one at a time in the perimeter of the PCL. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @statesman: Witness reports from inside Calhoun Hall (where police seeking 2nd suspect): 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Rhonda Weldon: They're trying to open up the north end of campus within an hour. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Art Acevedo: Students did their part and cleared the street, the grounds. APD SWAT, UTPD, Travis County SWAT was out. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: Crime scene investigators now on site. Outside PCL by Dobie Garage and 6th floor of PCL. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: Blanton Museum and Harry Ransom Center on campus closed down as well. 28 Sep

thedailytexan:RT @statesman: Staff pictures from campus: pics: 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @cristinamahree@thedailytexan:DT photog Tamir Kalifa's photos: 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: SWAT team moving to Waggoner Hall and Gregory Gym looking for possible second suspect. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: @support We are in a high importance situation here in Austin, and our feed at isn't updating at all. Could we get help ASAP? 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @utscc: FBI is now on campus investigating. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: For some reason our page isn't updating if you aren't logged in… so you'll need an account or something like TweetDeck. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @davidwenger: UT Austin HR services has posted info for faculty, students and staff who are stressed about shooting. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Our site is a mess due to the massive attention we received during the emergency. Should be back at full speed soon. Sorry about that! 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @keyetv of SWAT searching UT from student Patrick Wong. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: An "all clear" has been announced via the campus loudspeaker. #utshooting 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: UT Director of Comm Rhonda Weldon: "There is not the same concern of a second suspect. Evacuation is still encouraged."28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @Gerald_Rich: Orderly evacuations have begun. Shuttle buses going near the PCL #utshooting 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: Shuttles will only be available on North Campus while the crime scene investigation continues. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Rhonda Weldon: The radius of the investigation is centered around the PCL library. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Rhonda Weldon: Shuttles buses will soon (may have already) arrive to the library area to proceed with orderly evacuations. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: There will be another press conference at 12:15 p.m. CST, our site is alive again so keep an eye out for a recap. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Although the "all clear" has been sounded, people in buildings still being swept through by SWAT are expected to sit tight. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Some confusion about what dorms are now open or not, we'll have official word soon. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Official UT Text: All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to go home, except for those in university positions critical to operation. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: The official word is that ALL dorms have been reopened. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: One suspected shooter dead at UT campus library, no one else injured| A recap of today's events. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @ndhapple: There was not a second gunman says UTPD thedailytexan: 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @statesman: Police believe there is not a second gunman; shooter appears to be a UT student. #UTShooter 28 Sep

thedailytexan: UTPD chief confirms gunman was UT student, no further information has been released #UTshooting 28 Sep

thedailytexan: correction: UTPD chief said gunman APPEARS to be a UT student, no further information has been released #UTshooting 28 Sep

thedailytexan: All UT classes for today have been canceled. Will resume tomorrow.28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @ZAKinnaird: Apparently PTS issued citations during the incident. Way to go PTS! Proud of your bravery! 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Students for Concealed Carry will still host proponent John Lott's lecture, now off campus at Brave New Books 28 Sep

thedailytexan: anyone on the UT campus have footing from the area after the shooting email to [email protected] 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Thanks to all the other student papers out there linking to our coverage, we appreciate it. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: The last shuttles taking students off campus will depart at 2:30 p.m., according to UT Parking and Transportation Services. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: UT Parking: All shuttles to campus today have been suspended. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: @Juliana5655We're trying to revive it! Check back in a bit. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: UT on lockdown – a slideshow of today's incident. recap can be found here. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Anyone with video footage or photos from the area during/after the shooting email to [email protected] 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @KXAN_News: Austin and UTPD are at a student's home on Western Dr., say it's part of the shooting investigation. Carrying out bags, etc. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: RT @keyetv: Police at home of UT shooting suspect in South Austin – Western Drive. #UTshooting 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Intersection of Western Dr and Stagecoach off of Wm. Cannon blocked off as officers search home of campus shooting suspect. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: APD & UTPD flagged file for Colton Tooley, a UT math sophomore, at Travis County medical examiner's ofc: won't confirm he is shooter. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Police have removed a desktop computer from South Austin home. #UT#shooting 28 Sep

thedailytexan: UT VP of Public Affairs Don Hale confirms that the shooter is Colton Tooley, 19. Tooley was a 2nd year math student in Natural Sciences. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: @mindroid The name confirmed is Colton Tooley. Listed in the UT directory. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: @juliezellman yes that's him 28 Sep

thedailytexan: @juliezellman we don't have that information yet 28 Sep

thedailytexan: Thanks! RT @muneezeh: big props to @thedailytexan:for having the best coverage of today's events. 28 Sep

thedailytexan: The site is still a bit rocky due to all the activity yesterday, so bear with us! Collection of slideshows from yesterday coming soon. 29 Sep

thedailytexan: A look back: The September 28 campus shooting; all of the Daily Texan slideshows and videos in one place 29 Sep

thedailytexan: Counseling available for students affected by campus shooting in hrs have been extended to 8 p.m. for rest of week. 29 Sep

thedailytexan: For more info about the UT CMHC visit– Always available 24 hours a day at (512) 471-2255. 30 Sep

thedailytexan: Class papers show Tooley had fascination with gun control policy in U.S. 30 Sep

thedailytexan: Walk-ins increase for UT counseling services. 30 Sep

thedailytexan:  RT @leahfinnegan: This @thedailytexan: profile of the UT gunman is an incredible piece of journalism| Thanks! 30 Sep

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