Live chat crew talks Iowa State

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Double Coverage Editor Sameer Bhuchar:
What is happening, Double Coverage readers? It is live chat time. We are really excited to be back after a week hiatus. Once again we are joined by football experts Austin Laymance and Christian Corona, two of the Daily Texan’s finest football beat writers. (They are our only football beat writers, but they’re doing a bang up job don’t you think?)
How are you fellas doing? Ready to kick this off?
Football Writer Austin Laymance:
Feeling good, bye week is over. Nothing like game week.
Football Writer Christian Corona:
Let’s do it.
Sameer Bhuchar:
Great, well lets start with the person Texas needs to clearly watch out for the most. Steele Jantz… George asks…

Question From George:
Is Steele Jantz’s mobility going to be an issue for the front four of the Longhorns?

Austin Laymance:
I think it will be an issue if Texas is not disciplined up front. Jantz will make plays with his feet, the Longhorns just need to limit the explosive plays that go for big yardage and swing momentum.
Christian Corona:
It definitely can. In the first three games, Texas has been able to pressure quarterbacks into bad decisions. But Steele Jantz sometimes hurts you the most when he’s moving outside of the pocket.
Sameer Bhuchar:
Speaking of bad decision making … Jantz may be the Cyclones’ biggest weapon … but he is also their biggest liability. He has thrown 6 TDs, but 6 INTS as well this season.

Question From Taylor:
What do you think about Texas’ run defense? Are they ready for Iowa State?

Christian Corona:
They held UCLA’s rushing attack in check so, yes, they can definitely handle Iowa State’s running game. Alexander Robinson torched the Longhorns for 120 yards and 2 TD’s but I don’t see a repeat performance coming this weekend.
Austin Laymance:
The run defense has been spotty at times, and Jantz presents a huge challenge for Texas on the ground. The Longhorns haven’t been able to consistently stop the run this year and I haven’t seen anything to convince me it will be different on Saturday.
Sameer Bhuchar:
But will they be able to stop the pass … especially with C. Scott back, Jess wonders … ?

Question From Jess:
What can we expect from Christian Scott in his first game back from suspension?

Christian Corona:
Christian Scott isn’t coming off an injury Saturday (like linebackers Demarco Cobbs and Chet Moss might) so he should be able to get back in the swing of things quickly. He’s been staying in shape and keeping his body ready for his season debut so Scott should be fine.
Austin Laymance:
Scott gives the Longhorns depth in the secondary, Nolan Brewster was forced to give up football this week after dealing with migraines and concussions for several years. Scott won’t start, but he will see a good amount of action in this one. He is far from being in football shape, so expect the coaching staff to ease him back into things. But look for cornerback Adrian Phillips to continue forcing turnovers in the secondary.
Christian Corona:
He’ll still get the chance to ease his way back onto the field with Blake Gideon and Kenny Vaccaro firmly entrenched as the starting safeties.
Scott started 10 games last season, though, and gives Texas some much-needed experience behind the starting safeties with Nolan Brewster leaving the program.

Printed on September 29, 2011 as: Secondary, Cyclones QB spark discussion in chat