Regal Ravioli offers pasta fit for a king

Sara Benner

Taking up residence next to the Trailer Perk, a coffee and deli trailer that shares its name with the food trailer park on East Sixth Street and Comal, the self-proclaimed king of ravioli, Regal Ravioli, is serving up handcrafted and locally sourced pockets of love.

Regal Ravioli’s menu offers five ravioli fillings (beet, squash, mushroom, cheese and sausage with bell peppers) and five sauces­ (lamb Bolognese, marinara, pecan pesto, veloute and vegetable ragu), to encourage entree customization. For those who are a little indecisive or apprehensive when facing these unusual ravioli stuffings, the friendly trailer staff offers pairing suggestions.

The squash ravioli, made with roasted butternut squash and a kick of poblano pepper for an unexpected hint of heat, is complemented by the creamy veloute sauce and plated in a disposable paper basket with a sprinkling of chopped green onion. The eye-catching yellow squash filling almost perfectly matches the trailer’s cheerful paint job and mingles beautifully with the white cheesy sauce and the green onions for a rich, buttery symphony of flavor.

Regal Ravioli’s cheese ravioli topped with the lamb Bolognese sauce is a tasty version of an Italian classic. The cheese stuffing features four types of typical Italian cheeses: ricotta, mozzarella, fontina and Parmesan, with a noticeable presence of extra virgin olive oil and lemon for added flavor. When paired with the sweet, wine-laced lamb sauce, it becomes a dish that is reminiscent of old Italy, yet modern.

Portions are fair, with eight generously-sized, though difficult to eat, ravioli per dish and a slice of bread. For those with smaller appetites, their servings are plentiful. However, sporks are not made for ravenous ravioli consumption.

For good Italian food in Austin, paying $10-$20 per person is to be expected. But for trailer food, one usually expects to pay less than $10. Each entree at Regal Ravioli is $6-$9, which is borderline pricey. Taking into consideration the quality of the food this trailer produces, a romantic dinner for two with a bill around $20 bucks isn’t too outrageous.
The trailer park Regal Ravioli occupies is clean, with plenty of seating. As the sun sets on Austin’s east side, despite its flaws, Regal Ravioli is a fantastic place to stuff yourself.