Front-page mistake

Lauren Cozart

It was a mistake to place Ryan Haecker on The Daily Texan’s front page Friday. I understand that the UT Anscombe Society is unique, and I do not object to the group being highlighted. What bothers me is that Haecker is on the cover without mention of some of the sexist acts he has committed on campus. The first time I saw this man was at the Competitive Insurance Benefits Rally, which aims to get insurance benefits for the partners of UT’s faculty and staff regardless of sexual orientation. He was yelling at some of the organizers because of his objection to the queer community. He spent the rest of the rally standing behind the UTPD officers. I also remember he held up a sign on Feminist Action Day in the West Mall stating that feminism is foolish. I am also aware of his protest of The Vagina Monologues, where he stood outside holding a sign stating, “Monologues are indecent.” Apparently, the word “vagina” was too indecent for him to say even though it is a part of the female body and what he was protesting. The last incident that I am aware of involves his formal complaints against the academic classes associated with a peer educator program on LGBT issues. His actions have offended and angered the feminist and queer communities who already have to fight the battles against homophobia, transphobia and sexism on campus and throughout their lives. As a queer feminist woman, I am urging The Daily Texan to investigate exactly what kind of student leaders it is placing on the front page and to fight for the rights of the marginalized communities that exist on campus.

Lauren Cozart is a women and gender studies student