Advisory committees submit proposals for colleges budgets

Allie Kolechta

Members of three student committees submitted recommendations to their deans to suggest ways to best spend their colleges’ budgets for this semester.

The College of Liberal Arts’ and the Cockrell School of Engineering’s College Tuition and Budget Advisory Committees and the College of Communication’s Student Issues and Advisory Committee submitted the recommendations. The liberal arts committee submitted its proposal on Oct. 11. The Tuition Policy Advisory Committee gave the College of Communication a proposal, which the SIAC endorsed on Oct. 11, and the engineering proposal was given to its dean last week.

TPAC must review all three of these recommendations and submit its amended versions to President William Powers Jr. by the end of November, said Michael Morton, spokesman for the Senate of College Councils. Then, Powers will send his revisions of the proposals to the Board of Regents who will make final tuition decisions, he said.

“Every CTBAC has their own process,” Morton said. “All three of those schools have been meeting throughout the semester and looking over the budget for their individual colleges, deciding what their priorities are.”

Each CTBAC and the SIAC are made up of representatives from their colleges and focus on making the decidedly best choices for their college, Morton said.

“Liberal Arts Dean Randy Diehl has been very supportive,” he said. “Engineering has been pretty much identical. I haven’t really heard anything back about communications, but I would say all of the feedback has been positive.”

The communications proposal was given by Communications Dean Roderick Hart for review by the SIAC, said chairwoman Jannah Deis.

“We looked over his proposal and talked about it and came up with our endorsement,” she said. “There’s a couple of points in there. We want more professors, more TA’s, more advisers for students at academic risk, special programs and more online programs.”

Printed on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 as: Committees send budget proposals for three colleges