University student sexually assaulted during morning hours

Jody Serrano

A female UT student was sexually assaulted inside a taxi cab while on her way to the main UT campus this morning, according the University of Texas Police Department.

UTPD sent out a campus-wide email this morning informing students of the incident, which happened in the 21st Street and Speedway area. The student called UTPD to report the incident at about 7 a.m. UTPD Captain Julie Gillespie said aside from the driver, the UT student was the only other person in the vehicle at the time. Gillespie said UTPD has not yet identified which taxi cab company manages the vehicle in question, but the investigation is ongoing.

Gillespie said the UTPD is not releasing the name of the UT student in question. She said the student did not sustain any injuries and is speaking and cooperating with UTPD on the investigation.

Gillespie said she advises students to take precautions when traveling alone.

“Travel in pairs or with friends,” she said. “If [students] are in a situation where they are alone, make sure there are people who know where they are and know their destination. Students should also be aware of their surroundings.”

It is unknown whether the UT student was intoxicated at the time of the assault, Gillespie said. She also said UTPD is working on some leads, but a suspect has not yet been identified.