Collision on campus urges pedestrians to watch out for bikers and drivers

Jillian Bliss

A van associated with the UT carpenter’s shop collided with a pedestrian Monday afternoon on Inner Campus Drive.

EMS arrived on the scene at approximately 12:45 p.m. and transported the male pedestrian to a Brackenridge Hospital, where he received medical attention and was found to have no serious injuries. UTPD could not provide the name of the man struck by the vehicle, but UTPD Officer Darrell Halstead said he was a non-student applying for a job at the University. Halstead said the man stepped off the curb to cross the street between the McCombs School of Business and Waggener Hall, but did not notice the oncoming van before the collision because he was focused on sending a text message. UTPD blocked off Inner Campus Drive until approximately 1:30 p.m. so police could take accurate measurements of where the incident occurred.

Electrician Clifford Moreland of UT Project Management and Construction Services said he was assigned to the same project the driver of the carpenter shop van was sent to, but their work was delayed due to the incident. Moreland said he did not see the van collide with the pedestrian, but was present after the incident occurred.

Both Moreland and Halstead said pedestrians should be aware of how often pedestrian-vehicle accidents occur on campus.

“A week or two ago someone else was hit by a vehicle,” Moreland said. “There have a been a few times we’ve had to make a quick stop because a student has been texting and almost walked into our vehicle. It’s something we have to deal with everyday.”

Halstead said pedestrians should take note of the cross walks provided at oncampus intersections and remember to look out for bikers and drivers also using the road.

Printed on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 as: Pedestrian sent to hospital after collision with UT van