Supporting students in elections

Saul Mendoza

Everything at UT stays the same, at least in regard to Student Government. Campaigns with catchy slogans about empowering students or uniting Texas mark the campus every semester. However, it seems that every couple of years, a revolution almost takes place; a few years ago, it actually happened. Lance Kennedy and Geoffrey Geiger, members of the College Republicans, formed “The Texas Revolution” as an alternative to SG and its corruption. SG elections had been so corrupted that it was not a true democracy as there was no real opposition to the status quo candidates who were supported by the Eyes of Texas, UT’s secret society.

We are seeing yet another reform movement on campus. Abolish SG has sent out a petition asking students to sign up to do just what the organization’s name implies: abolish SG. But this organization is just a temper tantrum designed to reinstate the candidates who were disqualified. They also claim to have a roster of the Eyes of Texas and to be willing to expose them if their demands are not met.

It really isn’t that hard to see who is in the Eyes of Texas since the Texas Revolution took place. However, Kayla Oliver’s Monday column makes it seem that someone is trying to link Thor Lund’s ticket to the Eyes of Texas. This looks like an attempt by the status quo to take back control and constitutes unnecessary drama that the University could do without. If students want reform, they should form an alliance that will truly support students rather than complain about the past election season.

Saul Mendoza is a Government and Spanish Literature Senior.