Texas wins twice under cloudy skies

Matt Warden

After a dark and windy weekend, the Longhorns escaped more than just bad weather.

The No. 13 ranked Longhorns emerged from this weekend’s Big 12 matches with two close victories. The team edged out a 4-3 win against No. 12 Baylor, and secured a solid 4-2 victory over No. 22 Texas Tech.

Saturday’s rough winds did nothing to derail the team from capturing the always crucial doubles point. The duos of Noel Scott and Lina Padegimaite, and Aeriel Ellis and Elizabeth Begley took their doubles matches by scores of 9-8 and 8-4 respectively.

“You always want to have faith and believe they can get over the top,” head coach Patty Fendick-McCain said. “And to see the freshmen [Padegimaite and Scott] come back after two match points down and win — it was so good.”

In singles competition, Begley led the way by winning her match in two flawless sets. Padegimaite also won her match in straight sets, but it was Cierra Gaytan-Leach who gave the women the deciding point of the match by winning a tough three set battle.

“After the second set, I went into the locker room and thought about how I had won my first set — by staying aggressive,” Gaytan-Leach said. “I stepped out there and I had my game on. I ripped my shots and they went in, so I just kept doing it.”

Sunday saw more cloudy skies, but the Longhorns beat the storm and the Red Raiders in convincing fashion. Both teams decided to forgo doubles matches due to weather, but that extra point wasn’t needed.

Senior Krista Damico got back into the win column with a victory in straight sets.

Begley and Padegimaite won in singles. Gaytan-Leach provided the fourth win for the women, winning another three-set battle.