Elyana Barrera: Copy Desk Chief with no mysteaks on her record


Jorge Corona

Copy Desk Chief Elyana Barrera has led The Daily Texan through a tossing sea of bad commas, confusing headlines and poorly split quotes. She’ll be missed for her ready wit and always helpful attitude.

Elyana Barrera

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in The Daily Texan’s basement office. The term comes from the old typesetting mark (-30-) to denote the end of a line.

I can remember walking into The Daily Texan basement full of self-doubt during the spring of 2010, not knowing exactly what I was about to get into. I had taken Bob Jensen’s J310 course on a whim, and The Daily Texan managing editor Ana McKenzie talked to our class about how to try out to work for The Daily Texan. I had absolutely no previous experience — my high school didn’t even have a newspaper — but somehow I managed to work my way onto the
copy desk.

That summer, I continued working for The Daily Texan as an associate copy desk chief. I learned the processes that go into publishing a newspaper and also improved on my self confidence and gained a strong sense of independence.

I worked a couple more semesters at the Texan continuing as an associate copy desk chief until I eventually gained the position of copy desk chief. This semester has been difficult for our staff, but our obstacles have helped us grow and learn from our mistakes.

Although throughout this semester I was quick to express thoughts such as “What am I still doing here?” and “I hate working here, everything is a shitshow,” I am proud to say that at the end of this semester, especially this past month, I have completely changed my mind. Since the beginning of the year, our staff has truly progressed and fought through harsh times to make The Daily Texan a publication that I am very proud to work for.

To this semester’s continuing staffers (especially Pu, Andrew, Jody, Bobby and Liz): I appreciate and admire your work, progress and passion. Your dedication to the Texan has been thoroughly impressive, and your hard work has made me feel that I can leave knowing the paper is in good hands. I can’t imagine working here without your help.

To the copy and design staff this semester: Thank you for putting up with my pessimism throughout the semester, and thank you for working as late as you do.

To Audrey and Aleks: Y’all have been my light.

Austin: I love you, you’ve helped me out so many times, in and out of the paper.

Ryan Sanchez: You’ve always been there fa’ show, you’re the best.

Lena and Claire: Thank you for randomly coming in and making my day way better, and for being great leaders.

Sydney: Getting Lok’d and watching SiP SiP, #overit, hangover Chipotle, hiding in the sports office, drinking with V. Carr and Like A Little. Random Mt. Bonnell visit. Being awesome.

Sean, Ben, Andrew: Nova was the best place to party/live and nowhere compares. Andrew, thanks for telling me not to quit.

Doug: I read your critiques every single day and they helped me out so much. Thank you.

Vicky Ho: You were my most important mentor and I was your MVP. You taught me about life, love and whiskey — but more importantly, you taught me everything I know about copy editing. You also helped me through some of my toughest times and I owe everything to you!