UT commits to simplify financial aid, college cost information

Bobby Blanchard

The UT System announced its commitment to make information on college costs and financial aid easier to understand and more readily available for students by 2013, according to a White House press release.

UT System Chancellor Francisco G. Cigarroa represented the UT System at a White House roundtable discussion on Tuesday with the goal of decreasing student loan debt. Along with the UT System, nine other higher education institutions agreed on providing more information to students regarding college costs and financial aid.

The University System is already supplying some of the financial information through the public dashboard and the Accountability and Performance Report, which are both available online.

Anthony P. de Bruyn, assistant vice chancellor for Public Affairs, said provisions of the University System already in compliance with the White House’s guidelines include providing how much one year of college costs, financial aid options, net costs after grants and scholarships are taken into account and information on student success rates.

“This is something UT has already been doing, and we’re ready to meet the 2013 deadline,” de Bruyn said. “We already have the vast majority of the information out there.”

De Bruyn said the University System will have to add an estimate of monthly federal loan expenses after students graduate in order to meet the White House’s guidelines.