Weekend brings two assaults on UT students

Bobby Blanchard

A security camera caught footage of a suspect in an attempted sexual assault that happened at the entrance of Roberts Hall Dormitory Sunday morning at 1:25 am, UTPD Capt. Julie Gillespie said.

The suspect is described as an Asian male who is approximately 5’4” tall with a thin build and medium-length black hair combed to the right. He was wearing black-rimmed glasses. UTPD posted pictures on Facebook of the suspect captured from the security camera, asking for any information regarding the suspect.

“He was in the video with her,” Gillespie said. “We’re not going to go into detail on what was on the video, but he was associated with her in the video.”

On Friday, an armed robbery was reported just off of campus, where a single handgun was used to steal from a UT student. Gillespie said the two crimes are not connected and that there is not an increase in crime.

“We’re not seeing any major upswing in crime,” Gillespie said. “I would say it’s just a coincidence.”