Four shot on Sixth Street Sunday morning, UTPD keeps students informed

Bobby Blanchard

A suspect in a downtown shooting that left four injured may have been spotted on San Jacinto Boulevard early Sunday morning.

The University of Texas Police Department alerted the UT community of a person matching the suspect’s description via text message at 4:04 a.m. Earlier that night, Austin Police Department officials found two wounded women at the intersection of San Jacinto Boulevard and Sixth Street and a wounded man near the intersection of Seventh Street and Interstate 35. An additional male victim was found at a hospital later. APD officials said all four victims were shot and the suspect has still not been caught.

In the text message, UTPD officials stated the suspect was a Hispanic male wearing a white and black blood-stained T-shirt. UTPD spokeswoman Rhonda Wheldon said University police officers searched the campus and were unable to find anyone matching the description. UTPD texted students stating campus was all clear 40 minutes after sending the alert.

Austin police Lt. Kevin Leverenz said the suspect shot the four victims in their lower bodies, delivering non-fatal wounds. Leverenz said no arrests have been made and he could not comment on potential leads.

Leverenz said police found what they believe to be the suspect’s gun near the crime scene.