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October 4, 2022

Become familiar with Austin exclusive lingo

Pu Ying Huang

The newly renovated Kerbey Lane Cafe provides the campus area with 24 hour service of varied genres of food.

“Hi, how are you? Do you want to walk around SoCo, or hike Mount Bonnell? Actually, I’m hungry. Let’s go to Home Slice Pizza.” If you recognized some of these Austin terms, kudos to you. If not, do not fret; such Austin novelties become unremarkable over time. To get a head start on becoming a proud and knowledgeable Austinite, check out the list of items below, and impress your non-Austin friends with your hip lingo.

Kerbey Queso: “I’ve been to Kerbey Lane, but I have never heard of Kerbey Queso,” freshman Sam Lukenbach said. One of Kerbey Lane’s most popular items, Kerbey Queso can feed a table of four. Filled with queso, shredded onions, tomatoes and topped off with guacamole, Kerbey Queso becomes an instant favorite for anybody who tries it.

410, 411 & 412: Become familiar with these numbers, especially if you plan on venturing to downtown Austin soon. All three are bus shuttles that will pick you up at various places on campus and on Riverside. They begin running in the evening and usually stop at 2:47 in the morning. So if you don’t want to walk from downtown to campus or Riverside (or vice versa), make sure you catch one of these buses on the Drag. And be wary of the white bags; you’ll understand once you see them.

Dirty Sixth: This is just a fancier (or nastier) way of saying Sixth Street. I’m not going to spoil the fun. You’ll eventually find out why one of Austin’s most wild streets is the dirtiest of them all.

WINGO: Separately, wings and bingo are already great things. But together — it’s almost euphoric. On Thursdays, Pluckers Wing Bar has its weekly WINGO event, where customers can participate in a night of wild bingo. The prizes usually consist of Pluckers gift cards and shots (if you’re 21 or older, that is).

SoCo: South Congress? No. You want to be a hip Austinite, remember? Therefore, always be sure to say SoCo around your fellow Austin friends. There are many great places to be discovered on this cultural street. Home Slice Pizza, various food trucks and other interesting places await you on SoCo. A few words of advice though: be ready to walk.

Home Slice Pizza: This joint is a hot spot in Austin, and it’s totally worth the trip. Sure, it’s much more expensive than your average Little Caesars, but it’s really delicious. Who doesn’t want to fold up a hot, greasy New York-style pizza and finish it off with some sweet cannoli? If your mouth is not already watering, you may need a taste bud checkup.

“Hi, How Are You?”: If you’ve passed that one building on the corner of 21st and Guadalupe streets, you’ve probably seen that frog-looking illustration on the side. Drawn by singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston, the drawing has become a significant part of Austin’s culture. People have taken pictures in front of it, and Kurt Cobain even wore a T-shirt with the design on it. So when someone says, “Let’s check out that ‘Hi, How Are You?’ drawing,” you’ll know what they’re talking about.

Greenbelt: There are multiple greenbelts throughout Austin, and each one offers a great time. Barton Creek, Onion Creek and Waller Creek alike are urban areas built to protect natural environments. They provide plenty of activities for visitors, and some even have trails and hiking locations. If you’re feeling adventurous one day, Austin’s many greenbelts have got you covered.

Mount Bonnell: Speaking of hiking locations, Mount Bonnell is another place worth checking out. The walk up is exhausting, but once you get to the top, you can see everything: the city of Austin, Lake Austin and the surrounding hills. All are beautiful sights, especially at night.

Of course there are many other Austin terms and attractions I could inform you about, but that would spoil the fun. You need to explore and get to know the wonderful city you now call home, so go out there and start becoming a great Austinite.

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Become familiar with Austin exclusive lingo