J-School changes stance and allows Daily Texan news boxes

Bobby Blanchard

After initially not allowing news boxes in front of the Belo Center for New Media, the College of Communication announced Thursday afternoon it was working to add the boxes to the center's site.

Daily Texan news boxes will be available for students in front of the Belo Center for New Media, said the dean of the college of communication this afternoon.

Roderick Hart, dean of the College of Communication, emailed The Daily Texan Thursday afternoon and said the College of Communication was on the news box problem.

“I’ve asked our architect to design appropriate boxes for the newspapers and to tell us where they might be located on the new building’s site,” Hart said.

The Daily Texan published an article Thursday reporting the College of Communication was not allowing The Daily Texan or any other publication put news boxes in front of the Belo Center for New Media, which houses the school of journalism. Assistant Dean Janice Daman said there was no were paper products allowed near and outside the building because of environmental concerns. Daman said news boxes could attract litter and trash.

Since publication, the issue was published and blogged on Poynter.org, College Media Matters.com and JimRomenesko.com. The article online had more than 4,000 views by noon.

Hart said it was never the intention was never to place a “ban” on the boxes.

“Since [the boxes] were already located across the street, 15 feet away, it never occurred to us that we’d need additional ones,” Hart said. “But apparently we do, and so it shall be."