Snooty & snobbish

John Christian

I had to read today’s editorial several times, jumping around from one paragraph to another, to make sure that what was rolling before my eyes was correct. Really, I couldn’t and still can’t believe it all — what the new College of Communication building has done to you and to the much beloved The Daily Texan at the Belo Center where they don’t want any trash?

I am retired U.T. staff and have long been a loyal fan of The Daily Texan. Without it, students would surely have far less in so many ways, no matter what others around here think. There is nothing like having a hard copy in one’s hands. Life evolves each day. There is such thing as evolution and we are in the midst of one of those transition zones from one world to another, though I can’t really fathom a world that is pure cyber that one can not touch.

We need as many places and opportunities where we can publish, show and print our work — all of this is called communication.

I was and am shocked that the new folks and colleagues have treated you in such a fashion which seems kind of snooty & snobbish. It’s not a warm gesture of welcome, but it seems that this is the path that many are taking here in Austin and around our country. Some of those who think and act this way seem to be taking one giant leap that direction; they are forgetting some of their roots or those of others. I can say that many places were a tad friendlier and more diplomatic in the past.

In the meanwhile, I am glad that you have taken a good, firm stand, and your title is right or ‘spot’ on ‘da target. Please keep your loyal, ardent and dedicated groupie reader and fans posted and up to date.

John Christian
UT Dobie-Paisano Fellow, 1976