An unproductive response

Ellen Cameron

Reading the Texan on Monday, I noticed lots of criticism directed at the University for not texting all students [during the bomb threat]. However, the Texan never took a moment to show students how to make sure they are registered, and I’d like to explain that now, as it is important should anything happen again.

There are two ways to register your cell phone number with the university through UT Direct. Campus residents can go to their “My Housing” page, and update their “Emergency Contact Form” (blue text in the lower right corner of the grey box). Students can also search in UT Direct for “emergency” and then select “Student Emergency Contact Info.” Students then type in their personal contact info and select their phone provider. Students must also make sure that “opt out” is not selected, because the University will not text students unless authorized to do so.

I’d also like to remind students that calls and texts don’t always face normal conditions, and when the University sends out 50,000 texts at a time, some providers will not be able to keep up with the volume. The best thing students can do is check the UT website, if they think something may have happened.

Ellen Cameron
Dept. of Housing and Food Service,
Resident Assistant