The Mexican American Culture Committee invites all UT students to come celebrate Latino culture at Noche de Baile


Pu Ying Huang

Latin American Studies Senior Yadira Ramos-Luna is the committee chair of Mexican American Culture Committee. MACC is hosting Noche de Baile tomorrow at Gregory Plaza to which Ramos-Luna hopes will be a great learning experience about Mexican-American culture for all who attend.  

Jasmin Carina Castanon

When it comes to Latin dance, Salsa is the first, and sometimes the only, type that comes to mind. In reality, Latin dance consists of an array of styles.

The Mexican American Culture Committee aims to break these types of societal stereotypes by educating the UT community through entertaining and educational events throughout the semester. Dance is a major part of the life of Mexican-Americans and Latinos and they would like to share this part of their life with their fellow students here at UT.

The Mexican American Culture Committee invites students of all different backgrounds to come together and celebrate a historically rich and distinct culture. MACC is a group for Latino students who take pride in their culture or who are simply interested in learning more about their background to meet students with similar interests. 

“Since joining MACC, I feel like I have found my little piece of home here in Austin,” junior MACC member Sonia Segundo said.

Cultural organizations are an essential part of student life at UT. They encourage students to take pride in their culture by sharing a part of themselves with fellow classmates and faculty members.

“Without cultural organizations UT would be cheating [students] out of an experience they can’t get anywhere else,” bilingual education junior Alejandra Gonzalez said. “Our university is known for being culturally diverse. Accordingly, we should proudly support the different cultural organizations on campus.“

The MACC’s events are not only fun but are also a learning experience for all students who are open to embracing a culture that may be foreign to them.

“We program events whether it be educational or cultural to try and teach the UT student body about our culture, our traditions and our customs,” MACC committee chair Yadira Ramos-Luna said. “Our organization focuses on educating everybody, even Mexican Americans, because sometimes we don’t even know our own history or background.”

The MACC is hosting an event called Noche de Baile to celebrate their culture’s various styles of music and dance Thursday night. Aguas frescas, churros, tostada chips and salsa will be served throughout the event so students can fully immerse themselves in Mexican American culture.

Noche de Baile will be split into two parts. The first half of the evening will be dedicated to live music provided by the Grammy award winning Latin group Grupo Fantasma. Grupo Fantasma is an Austin based Latin group known for incorporating elements of funk, mambo, merengue and cumbia in their music. DJ Vladimir will provide the second half of the night’s music with a full spectrum of Mexican American music and dance.

MACC encourages students to come and learn the various styles of Latino dance, such as norteñas, huapangos and cumbias, amongt good company at Noche de Baile.

“This event is a way for the committee to show off our culture through music and dance,” Segundo said. “We want people to hear the music we grew up listening to and learn the dances we’ve been dancing to since we could walk.”

Noche de Baile gives all students and faculty the chance to come meet new people and learn about a different culture all in one night.

“You don’t have to be Mexican or Mexican American to come,” Ramos-Luna said. “The event is open to everyone and people should come because it is going to be fun and a
learning experience.”

Printed on Thursday, October 18, 2012 as: Committee spreads culture with Latin dancing