Longhorns knock one win off the list

Garrett Callahan

One game down, one win. The Longhorns propelled their way to their first victory Sunday afternoon as they took down Sam Houston State in their first fall game of the season.

The Bearkats came to Austin this weekend with the intent to start their season off right with a win. Instead the Longhorns took that away from them as they got their first win, 9-3, in a 14-inning game.

The game started out well for Texas as Chad Hollingsworth began the game pitching and retired the side. At the end of the first, the Longhorns had a 2-0 lead, where they stayed until the third. While the Bearkats threatened the Longhorns’ lead many times, they couldn’t get players home and in the sixth inning. The Longhorns capitalized off two errors, scoring four runs to bring the score to 8-0. Through 12 innings, the Longhorns had a 9-2 lead until Trevor Winne of Sam Houston hit a solo shot in the top of the 13th to bring the score to 9-3, the final score.

In the end, the Longhorns had nine runs on 16 hits and one error. Ten pitchers appeared in the game combining for ten scoreless innings, giving up only three runs total. Madison Carter and Erich Weiss were key players for Texas. Both went 2 for 6 with Carter scoring three runs and Weiss batting in two. Carter also recorded the Longhorns first official hit of the season.

With one win down, the Longhorns look to their next fall game. After a disappointing season last year, Texas looked confident and ready to be back on the field. The team faces Texas State on Sunday in its final game of the fall season where it looks to focus on continuing to get better for its upcoming season and trying to get Texas baseball back where it has been in the past.