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October 4, 2022

Justice with Broken Teeth Crew hits Austin Music Hall stage

Like its electronic dance music contemporaries, DJ duo Justice wants its fans to dance. Since its inception in 2003, Justice members Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay have released multiple EPs and two full-length albums: Cross (2007) and Audio, Video, Disco (2011). Unlike the dubstep wub-wubs at the forefront of electronic dance music today, Justice emphasizes luscious melodies and harmonies.

The Daily Texan spoke with Auge about marrying groupies, returning to Austin and recording Audio, Video, Disco.

Daily Texan: The last time Justice performed in Austin was back in 2008. How does it feel to finally be returning?
Gaspard Auge: It feels great to be returning to Austin. Last time we were here, everything felt a bit rushed. So we’re pretty excited to be coming back.

DT: Your most recent album, Audio, Video, Disco, has a more rock-oriented sound in comparison to 2007’s Cross. Have you incorporated additional touring musicians to accommodate your new sound, or is it completely handled by Rosnay and yourself?
Auge: No, it’s still Rosnay and I on stage. Both recording and live we prefer to handle everything ourselves. Plus, when it comes to electronic music it’s all about keeping the music continuous. Having a band on stage may take away from that.

DT: Continuing on with Audio, Video, Disco, I was intrigued with how different the album sounded from past releases. What led to making such a transition?
Auge: We just wanted to create more melodies and harmonies with Audio, Video, Disco. We were not directly influenced by any specific progressive rock band or anything like that. We do enjoy retro albums, so we did take some influence from that. But we took this direction because we wanted to create songs that struck emotions. We are not big on the technical aspects of music. We just enjoy making music that touches us.

DT: Where does the album’s name come from?
Auge: The album’s name was influenced by its Latin translation. Audio, video, disco means “I hear, I see, I learn” in Latin.

DT: How was it recording Audio, Video, Disco? Did you feel more experienced and knowledgeable than when you recorded Cross?
Auge: Yes; we went through Audio, Video, Disco much faster than we did Cross. We have been making music for over 10 years now, and as a result of that, making music has become a lot easier. For Audio, Video, Disco, we went into the studio knowing what we wanted.

DT: In previous interviews, I had read that you guys are not fond of typical live dance aesthetics such as lasers and screens. Have you had to change your setup in favor of a more typical live dance aesthetic because of dance music’s rising popularity?
Auge: Somewhat, but we still try to maintain a minimal live music aesthetic. With all of the lasers and screens, everything seems like a competition. It’s also distracting. Sometimes when artists have those large screens projecting videos behind them on stage, people in the audience are paying more attention to the screen than they are the music. So we try to keep our live setup minimal, with an emphasis on the music, and not other things.

DT: In the “A Cross the Universe” documentary you guys released back in 2008, you marry a groupie in Las Vegas. Do you still keep in touch with her?
Auge: (Laughs) Ugh no, I don’t. It would definitely be awkward if I did.

DT: I also love how in the documentary, Xavier is singing “Under the Bridge” to [Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman] Anthony Kiedis, and Kiedis looks really annoyed. Have you ever considered starting a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band in your free time?
Auge: (Laughs) It’s funny because Xavier and I used to cover Red Hot Chili Peppers songs back in some high school band we were in. We covered “Under the Bridge” a lot, but we played just about every song off of [the Red Hot Chili Peppers’] Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

DT: What is next for you guys once the tour is over?
Auge: We will return to Paris and relax for a little bit before working on new material.

Who: Justice with/ Broken Teeth Crew and website below
Where: Austin Music Hall
When: Tuesday, Oct.October 30,– instead of , Doors open at 6 p.m. PM
Price: $40 for balcony tickets (floor tickets are sold out)


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Justice with Broken Teeth Crew hits Austin Music Hall stage