Jalah Goette appointed permanent director of Texas Student Media, will quickly work to develop budget


Lawrence Peart

Jalah Goette  
Texas Student Media director

Bobby Blanchard

For the first time in nine months, Texas Student Media has a permanent director.

Jalah Goette was appointed to the position Nov. 8 by Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs, after the Texas Student Media board members recommended Goette be appointed to the position instead of conducting a month-long national search. Texas Student Media represents the various student media organizations on the UT campus, including The Daily Texan, Texas Student Television, KVRX, the Texas Travesty and the Cactus Yearbook.

“Goette understands the complexities and changing horizon of college media,” Paine said. “She is also respected by TSM’s professional and student staff.”

Goette has served as interim director since Gary Borders resigned from the position in February. Borders said he was forced to resign by Juan Gonzalez, former vice president of student affairs, because he suggested selling Texas Student Television and KVRX. Goette said working as the interim director helped her prepare for working as director. Before she was appointed interim director, Goette oversaw business and advertising as the assistant director.

She said the top priority for Texas Student Media is developing its budget for the upcoming school year.

“Incorporating feedback from all aspects of the organization in the budget development process is crucial for our success and is a great educational opportunity for our student managers and editors to better understand the business model,” Goette said.

She said the biggest struggle faced by Texas Student Media and its entities is figuring out a way to reach the student audience as news consumption becomes more digital. She said she wants to see more collaboration between the different student media outlets.

“This year our student managers and editors have been eager to work together to enhance collaboration and cross-promotion of our media entities,” Goette said. “I will continue to encourage this type of work.”

Becca Rushworth, TSTV station manager and a nonvoting member of the Texas Student Media board, said she is glad the new director is coming from within Texas Student Media.

“It really helps to have someone who has been here a long time, is happy to be here and knows what it is like to be a student,” Rushworth, a radio-television-film senior, said.

Rushworth said she is hoping Goette can keep the different student entities operating during a time when many college news organizations are cutting back.

“I know it’s mostly part of the students’ jobs to find a method to keep it alive, but it is going to take her leadership and knowledge to keep the entities afloat,” Rushworth said.

The Texas Student Media board is composed of 11 voting members and 11 nonvoting members. As director, Goette is a nonvoting member. The board is composed of students, faculty members and professional journalists. Some are appointed and some are elected by the student body.