McCombs hosts World Trivia Night as part of International Education Week


Pearce Murphy

A group of UT students participate in World Trivia Night late Wednesday. The event gave students an opportunity test their knowledge of foreign culture and promoted cross-cultural interaction.

Christine Ayala

Students and faculty tested their international knowledge at World Trivia Night, hosted by the McCombs School of Business on Wednesday.

Eight teams participated in the event, which took place on the third day of celebrations on campus this week for International Education Week. Other events included Brazilian and Japanese film screenings Monday and Tuesday.

The five-member teams were mostly students, although each team was allowed one faculty member. Teams who dressed in costume earned five bonus points to their total score.

The teams were quizzed on information from eight categories, including current events and pop culture. Questions included the name of Mexico’s newly elected president and what Canadian city was home to the largest Michael Jackson tribute flash mob.

Jennifer Akune, an educational administration graduate student, coordinated the event and said she had competed in and judged the trivia event in the past. This is the fourth year McCombs hosted the event.

“Every year we’ve done it, it’s been really fun, and we just want students to have a good time and encourage international education,” Akune said.

Accounting junior Erika Gaffney’s group dressed in black with monocles and top hats. Gaffney said her team learned new facts during the trivia event about other countries and had fun participating.

“We work in the undergraduate program office where study abroad is located in McCombs, and so we’re around it every day,” Gaffney said. “We were looking forward to dressing up and are having a blast.”

Sabine Wimmer, McCombs program coordinator, said she was asked to moderate the event because of her international background and Austrian accent. She said the event gathered people interested in international topics.

“I think the people who come here are motivated to know this kind of trivia, and it brings together people who are like-minded,” Wimmer said. “It gives visibility to people of different countries.”

Khyrria Tekbali, a global policy studies graduate student, said although she wasn’t part of a team, the information covered was interesting because of her area of study.

“As a global policy master’s student, all of this is really relevant to what we do every day, so it’s fun,” Tekbali said. “I wish I could have participated, and maybe I’ll participate next year.”

International Education Week will continue with events on campus Thursday and Friday. The full schedule is available at