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October 4, 2022

Humorous T-Shirt pokes fun at Mack Brown

According to a new T-shirt, OU and UT fans have finally found something to agree on: Mack Brown.

Smack Apparel, a sports-focused non-licensing T-shirt company, is selling a new shirt that reads “Keep Mack Brown… Oklahoma Fans Agree.” Wayne Curtiss, president of Smack Apparel, said he started producing and selling the T-Shirt after OU beat UT 63-21 in October.

“Poor Mack is a good guy, he just hasn’t fared too well since Oklahoma,” Curtiss said.

Curtiss said Smack is an unlicensed apparel company because licensing restricts what they can do creatively.

He says the company is about having fun, but keeping it in good taste.

“We try to do things clever and creative, that are not always the typical shirt,” Curtis said. “It’s all in humor, we won’t make fun of players but we certainly will make fun of coaches.”

The Longhorn’s currently stand at an 8-3 schedule. If they lose their next two games, they will have ended two consecutive seasons with the same record. Some bloggers and fans have called for Brown’s retirement or firing, but boosters have reiterated support for Brown. Brown has said he has no intention of leaving.

“In your life if you start quitting, then you’re a quitter,” Brown told ESPN. “You need to compete. You don’t sign up for just the good days.”

Curtiss said the T-shirt has sold well but not great. He said sales were likely weakened by Oklahoma’s loss to Notre Dame.

“A lot of sports is momentum driven,” Curtiss said. “Had Oklahoma beaten Notre Dame, I think it would have taken off but come into next year, I think the sales will really go up.”

While Smack is selling the smack on Brown, the apparel company is also selling T-shirts for UT fans, Curtiss said. However, those shirts are not being sold at retailers in Austin. Previously, Curtiss said the Co-op used to sell Smack apparel shirts, but stopped purchasing them five years ago when the licensing director became uncomfortable with buying unlicensed shirts.

In the meantime, the “Keep Mack Brown” shirts are staying around.

“I wish Mack Brown luck but as long as Oklahoma keeps beating Texas, the T-shirt will stay around,” Curtiss said.

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Humorous T-Shirt pokes fun at Mack Brown