Student Government Profile: Chris Gilman and Alison Stoos


Chelsea Purgahn

Alison Stoos and Chris Gilman

Christine Ayala

Chris Gilman and Alison Stoos are running in hopes of bringing a lazy river to campus to ease transportation from class to class and bringing alcohol onto campus.

Gilman is a radio-television-film junior and Stoos is an English and theater and dance senior.

Gilman said the student body doesn’t need to know anything about the two other than that they love UT.

“We’re walking at a normal pace for SG executive alliance because we want the student body to relax, open up wide to our ideas and enjoy a long year of unmitigated pleasure with their student government,” Gilman said.

The alliance’s platform is simple — pizza balls.

“Christians have a crucifix, we have a pizza ball,” Gilman said.

Stoos said the alliance would like to raise funds for the Greatest Industry Relics and Their Hits club, an organization which honors deceased ‘90s R&B singers and rappers, and is against anti-livestock abuse.

“Our stances and platforms are guaranteed to stay clear and very black and white,” Stoos said. “We won’t change our opinions to a confusing 40 or 50 shades of grey — we know what we believe.”

Published on February 15, 2013 as "Meet the candidates".