Student Government Profile: Horacio Villarreal and Ugeo Williams


Chelsea Purgahn

Ugeo Williams and Horacio Villarreal.

Christine Ayala

Horacio Villarreal and Ugeo Williams are running to include student opinions more in the work of Student Government, improve safety on and around campus and better serve the community and students. Villarreal is a history senior and Williams is a sociology and education senior.

“We want to give students something to be influenced by and be inspired, with this idea of unity, of coming together to bring this to life,” Williams said.

Villarreal said their alliance will focus on strengthening Student Government’s connection to the Senate of College Councils and Graduate Student Assembly.

“We want to increase the participation of our legislative student organizations,” Villarreal said. “We come from different types of organizations. The ideas and people we can relate to are completely different, which is great. That’s what Student Government is. It’s the voice of the students at the University.”

Williams said they would like to make the campus more comfortable for new students by implementing a mentorship program in which upperclassmen could apply to help them adjust.

“There are incoming students, including freshmen and transfers, that are just overwhelmed,” Williams said. “That would allow about 30 percent of the student body a chance to mentor a new student.”

Published on February 15, 2013 as "Meet the candidates".