Student Government Profile: Ryan Shingledecker and Maddie Fogel


Chelsea Purgahn

Ryan Shingledecker and Maddie Fogel

Christine Ayala

Ryan Shingledecker and Maddie Fogel are campaigning for more open communication between Student Government and students.

Shingledecker is an international relations and global studies senior and Fogel is an English junior.

“We’re passionate about empowering students to reach their full potential by making the most of student government,” Shingledecker said. “We truly believe that everyone here has inherent value and the capacity to be a force for change in the world.”

The alliance, if elected, plan to make student life on campus more comfortable by trying to bring Redbox DVD rental kiosks and food trucks to campus, providing tailgate areas, improving the quality of the toilet paper in campus restrooms and providing late night bus service to students living in the Riverside and North Campus areas. 

The two also plan to implement a system called the “voice box,” which would allow student to suggest their own improvement ideas.

“It’s essentially a comments section to hear people’s ideas for any legislation, or proposed change,” Fogel said. “Big or small, if it benefits the student body, we want to do it. It can be as simple as saying, ‘Those futuristic couches in the SAC stink.’”